Admissions At Koco Kids Preschool Are Now Open

Admissions At Koco Kids Preschool Are Now Open

At @Koco_kids preschool, located just off Linking Road, there’s a fine line between play and learning that is quite often crossed! They have innovatively achieved creating learning experiences within the whimsy of Playtime. So much so that your kids might be confused whether they’re actually going to school to learn or just having a great time!
?For example they use the their fabulous trampoline for the essential building of motor skills and brain development.
?Their one of a kind outdoor play area ensures your children get the much needed fresh air in a clean, safe and child friendly space which let’s admit is a rare luxury in this city!
?Their unique Music Wall consists of everyday things that children love making noise with and are totally encouraged to do so helping strengthen their confidence to explore, experiment and observe music and how different objects make sounds.
Having said that you just haveto checkout @koco_kids yourself or call 9619672020 for further details and queries. ADMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN




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