Lazoo Zoo!

Lazoo Zoo!

Came across the cutest App called Lazoo Zoo! It’s basically a virtual visit to the zoo where all the animals are hungry and it’s feeding time! Watch your kids feed the giraffe and have his spots change depending on what he’s fed! Or an ape who sprouts new hairstyles when he’s over fed and not

Pepi Garage

Pepi Garage

Join Your kids in Pepi Garage to paint, create, colour and tune up fancy cars! Pepi Garage — high quality app for kids created to educate through fun. Amazing tools and gadgets will boost child’s creativity, while the riding part introduces kids to basic physics. For kids 3-7 years of age! Get on App Store!

My kids are in love with this new app! It’s called PNP! This app helps you create a personalised video from Santa to your child! Even though this is Santa’s busiest time of year, he still has time to make a personalized video for your child. Whether your child has been naughty or nice, Santa

The Disney princess obsessed girls are gonna love this App! Disney Princess Charmed Adventures! Play as your Favourite Disney Princess- Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel and Tiana- as you adventure beyond the castle walls. Explore your kingdom, play games and help your friends! For Ages 6-8! Get it on App Store!

My kids love this app! Let your kids run their own Toca Hair Salon! Cut, colour, comb, shave and blow-dry lifelike hair on six different cute characters. Using your fingers, you can make just about any hair style you want! Buy on App Store!

Someone must have left a window open … two monsters have snuck into the kitchen!! And what a mess they’ve made… Oh well, at least they seem friendly enough. They look hungry too! Try feeding them and see what they like! The Toca Kitchen Monsters app is a fun and interactive one for the kids!

My 2 year old is still crazy for this app! It’s called Toca Boca Doctor App! It lets your kids be a doctor for a day! They can examine and help patients by solving 21 fun puzzles and mini games that take place in the human body! Superb! Download today on App Store!

  The Nursery Tv 1-5 collection of apps have kept both my kids occupied and entertained. My daughter loved these apps when she was a toddler and now my 18 month old son has taken over! It’s super convenient for long drives in the car and everyone knows that Nursery rhymes help improve children’s speech

Everyone’s got a smartphone or tablet these days!the Pepi Bath app is awesome!It teaches kids the routines of everyday life and is so much fun not to mention super convenient for long drives!Kids learn the importance of bath , cleanliness, potty training washing clothes, and a lot more with this app. This is definitely a

   Another great app for kids! Pepi tree! It’s an educational game where kids can explore tree dwelling animals and their habitats in a fun way! The graphics and illustrations are remarkable and the activities are educative and age appropriate! Get it on App Store!

   My toddler loves the Doodle Buddy app! It allows her to finger paint, drop colourful stamps with funny sounds, scribble over photographs of herself or the family etc! Buy it on App Store!