Thankyou to one of our Mommy followers who sent us this gorgeous piece of artwork done by her daughter inspired by one of Kiddiegram’s earlier posts! This method of sticking crayons on a canvas and using a hairdryer to melt them is not only super fun but leaves you with magnificent results! Well done!

Tried out the circle painting technique with my toddler! She enjoyed it immensely! She’s learnt all about shapes and she tried hard to stay inside the circle while she painted! She also took great pride in deciding which colours to use for each circle!

 Sorry Mums but we love new, innovative and not to mention messy painting ideas. This one we came across really caught our attention! Ice cube painting! Add coloured water to an ice tray and freeze with toothpicks! Let the kids go wild while the ice cubes last! See what they come up with!