Use a trolley to store the kids art supplies! It’ll make things neat and organised and keep it handy and accessible when needed! Also would make clean up easier as you can wheel it to the messy area and re stack them! Brilliant!

   What an adorable idea for a sit down Christmas dinner. Use the napkin as a scarf, a carrot for the nose and olives for the eyes of he snowman. The cutlery can be placed like arms. We’re totally hooked on Christmas diys!

   Mums I attended the cutest sports themed party with my four year old a while back! They gave these numbered envelopes to each child and then each number received a special surprise gift! Loved the idea so thought I’d share coz it made each child feel so special!

   Colour sorting activity using wooden pegs and a colour wheel! Great for toddlers and an amazing diy art project that you can make with the older kids! Spend some creative time this weekend!

   How great is this diy washing machine you can create for your kids and toddlers to play with? Not to mention teach them a valuable lesson of being independent and doing their own chores when they’re old enough!

   Doing good deeds gives the children a sense of pride and accomplishment! We came across this DIY bird feeder made using an old plastic bottle and wooden spoons! Try it out and hang it outside your windows or in your balconies!