It’s time for an arts and crafts post! Can’t wait to try this out with my little ones! Just paint a canvas however they please but not before you make a geometrical pattern out of duck tape. Once done just peel the tape off and behold a masterpiece! Love it!

  So many times it’s hard to avoid those cliche party themes like princess or fairies if you have daughters! You haveto give into the kids demands! Loved this dessert table setup where you add a cardboard cutout of the top half and add a tulle edging to the table making it seem like the

  Can’t get over all the different ways of creating awesome crafts using toilet paper rolls! We’ve been collecting these around the house so gonna start with the bee one and work my way upto the castle! The bird feeder is super cute too and very essential in these hot months! Happy arts and crafts

   If you have a large house and a newborn baby having a diaper caddy stocked and ready in different places in the house is super useful! You can keep one at the inlaws place or even at your mums house to ensure you’re never out of diapers, cream or wipes!

   Got those plastic Easter eggs leftover? Don’t throw em away! Use them to create this fun matching game to tickle you child’s brain! Mix the colours and draw them on a paper and get them to match! Love it!

Can’t wait to try out this superb method of slicing lemons in this fancy way! With the summer approaching this would make great accompaniments at the buffet table maybe for plate decor or throw them into a mason jar for the centrepiece!