Create a pouring station to keep toddlers busy using different jars, mugs and jugs and some food colouring added to water! It’ll keep them occupied for a long time but warning this one is messy!

Toddler activities can be so simple to do and equally fun and educative as expensive toys! Love the use of these envelopes along with ice cream sticks to teach the kids number identification! This could be done with colours and shapes too!

All forms of pretend play work well to keep kids occupied! A cardboard cutout of an air plane can do wonders! Builds imagination where kids can pretend to be cabin crew or even a pilot! Your toys and equipment needn’t be expensive or fancy! Diy stuff works well enough!

What a brilliant way of making use of old buttons! Mothers to little girls know you can never have too many hair clips! You always need just the right colour! How about attaching old buttons to regular hair pins? You could build quite a large collection in your own!