Our post from a couple of days ago where we gave the idea of using a drinking glass to cut sandwiches inspired us to try it out. So it basically worked just like a cookie cutter but if you don’t have those around you can use a glass as they gave even, neat circles too!

An art supply gift is a great idea to gift kids at a party or play date! You can get together some basic stuff like crayons, paints, art paper, canvas, tape, brushes, aprons etc! We all know mums and kids can never have too many of those.

Instead of making hampers in baskets or trays these gift jars look so cool! Gather together a collection of products that you want to gift and fill them up in a large jar. Tie some pretty ribbon and voila! Your friends will be highly impressed!

Came across this fabulous 3D technique of making a fish tank using a hollow cardboard box! You can customise the sea creatures anyway making it into an art activity with the kids! Great for school projects too!

  Halloween decor doesn’t have to be fancy and complicated! Sometimes just buying regular white and orange balloons can do the trick! Test your skills with a permanent marker and see what scary faces you can come up with! Are we making you want to throw a Halloween party yet?

   Brilliant idea for giveaways this Halloween! Wrap chocolate bars in gauze bandages to look like mummies! Add some eyes and you’ve got yourself some pretty impressive gift wrapping! You can do this with any shaped gifts! Superb!