Who else thinks this is a superb idea? I can’t count how many times I’m trying desperately to get hold of my charger and keys! Using lego pieces to hang then in place is genius! If anyone tries this you must share your experience with us!

Old buttons can be really useful! Use them to make these pretty necklaces for the girls! Make it into a group activity by spending creative time together! It could be a choking hazard so don’t include the under 3 year ones!

My 8 year old and I made this tissue box for his room! Bought a plain wooden tissue box from hobby ideas along with acrylic paint. Added the stickers to match it to our transport themed room! It was a fun activity , thought I’d share!

Super cool idea to have a busy board for toddlers! Attach switches, latches , locks etc on a board and hang it up in the room to keep the baby busy! Get your local carpenter to make it! Love it!

Mommies to boys know how long they can sit when you leave them with a bunch of toy cars! Turn it into a number game by creating a parking lot from a cardboard! Number each parking area and each car too! Make the kids match the numbers to the correct area! This can be done