Oh how we love food art! Aren’t these fruit Minnie mouses simply adorable! All you need are oranges, kiwis and strawberries and some toothpicks to hold them in place! The pink chocolate coated strawberries add a nice finishing touch to the plating! Cuteness overload!

This summer themed food art transfers me to the beach! Peaches, kiwis, grapes and bananas are all u need! Great evening snack and with just a little bit of an artistic touch you can watch the kids faces light up!

Strawberries are in season and keeping that in mind we wanted to share this! All you need is to dip the strawberry into melted white chocolate and cover it with sprinkles! Lovely dessert to serve when you’re hosting a get together or just a yummy snack for the kids !

Our post from a couple of days ago where we gave the idea of using a drinking glass to cut sandwiches inspired us to try it out. So it basically worked just like a cookie cutter but if you don’t have those around you can use a glass as they gave even, neat circles too!