Always on the lookout for the cutest corners for kids bedrooms we just had to share this one. Without overloading on it the appropriate use of turquoise really caught our eye coupled with the oh so trending tassels, letter board sign and pineapples! Wouldn’t this make for a superb reading corner for a pre

Have your children’s books out on display rather than hiding them in the cupboard to encourage reading! We love this window sill converted into a reading nook with table and chairs to make reading time as comfortable as possible.

So as a mum I’ve always felt like towel hooks in the kid’s bathroom are way better than towel rods as the child finds it easier to hang the towel back up to dry. (Which is a good habit to inculcate instead of just picking up after them). So if you’ve got the luxury of

Why make your child’s study space a boring one which lets admit it no kid will wanna sit at! Loved this desk with splashes of colour and a mean organisation system in place which looks quite inviting for kids at any age! Notice the painted mason jars which are my personal favourite!