Line the inside of a boring bookshelf with colour to give it that instant pop ideal for a kids bedroom! An open bookshelf is a great way to keep those books within children’s eyesight so they are encouraged to read!

Loving this colour scheme used for a reading corner and dresser for the kids room! The bright orange pop of colour combined with a monochrome rug and a turquoise mirror is unique and kitsch but seems to work somehow!

Who say a nautical theme is for boys only? Checkout this girls nautical room with those awfully cute storage pails attached to the wall under the very rustic shelf suspended by ropes! Doesn’t it just make you want to sail away?

Combining the right colours can help spruce up a room! There’s just something about navy and red teamed with stripes and checks that says “Boys Only”! Love this gender specific bedroom! So many great ideas in one space! Time to redecorate ?

Living in Mumbai a lot of the new buildings have low ceilings! This idea we came across is so brilliant. If you need a bunk bed and have low ceilings start the lower bunk as a mattress bed from the floor. This lowers the height of the top bunk and gives your child ample space!