There’s so much you can do with a rainbow themed party! Basically fill your food and decor with all the seven colours! We especially love the seven coloured marshmallows stacked together! The multicoloured lanterns are great too! Superb theme!

Centrepieces are an integral part of any party decor! Keeping in mind our Vintage tea party theme our very talented decorator Misbah Adenwala from Bespoke designs played around with giant teacup vases, pastel colours, pearls, shabby chic wooden crates,tea sets and bird cages bursting with flowers to enhance our tables! The result was outstanding!

Went to this amazing super hero party a few weeks ago. The decor was unbelievable. The colours stood out and made the party stand out. They served three coloured drinks and even set up an amazing dessert table with cake pops, Choco pies, lollipops and more. The best part was the hunk fist coming out

Instead of having a “Christmas” party how about a Grinch party! We love these ideas that we came across! Pin the heart on the grinch, grinch cupcakes, grinch fruit skewers and our favourite grinch jello! We’ve even given you an invite idea! Start planning Mommies!

   Mums I attended the cutest sports themed party with my four year old a while back! They gave these numbered envelopes to each child and then each number received a special surprise gift! Loved the idea so thought I’d share coz it made each child feel so special!

   Another fascinating party theme idea for you’ll Mums! Under the sea party would be a huge hit for the 2 to 6 year old age groups! Check out the wave cup cakes, the giant Killer Whale cake and the colourful fish decor! Quite easy to organise and atleast it’s not one of those themes

   Growing up one of our most watched movies was Mary Poppins! Came across this party theme inspired by everyone’s favourite British nanny! Love the little details from the invite to the cake and the table setting! This ones totally out of the box!

  We attended a fabulous Jasmine and Aladdin Arabian themed party the other day! So much attention was paid to details! The decor was primarily blue and purple in colour! They had Table decor wth gold coins ,Jewels on bottle and gold coin chocolate ! The activities included mattresses for flying carpet and decorating magic