Growing up one of our most watched movies was Mary Poppins! Came across this party theme inspired by everyone’s favourite British nanny! Love the little details from the invite to the cake and the table setting! This ones totally out of the box!

  We attended a fabulous Jasmine and Aladdin Arabian themed party the other day! So much attention was paid to details! The decor was primarily blue and purple in colour! They had Table decor wth gold coins ,Jewels on bottle and gold coin chocolate ! The activities included mattresses for flying carpet and decorating magic

   What a great activity thought up by this talented mum who through a fantastic Alladin themed party for 5 year olds! She had these printouts of alladins lamp and the kids get to decorate it with Jewel stickers how they please! Smart idea!

  So many times it’s hard to avoid those cliche party themes like princess or fairies if you have daughters! You haveto give into the kids demands! Loved this dessert table setup where you add a cardboard cutout of the top half and add a tulle edging to the table making it seem like the

   Attended this Owl themed party the other day! What a brilliant display of a truly gigantic effort put across by the mother! From the owl themed cake, to the birthday girls owl dress to the decor consisting of owl lanterns and even the owl cake pops! She finished it off with owl print personalised