Hey mums tried out this wonderful technique to make tortilla cup pizzas the other day! All you need to do is cut small circles from a large tortilla and place them in a greased Muffin tray. Add pizza sauce, mozzarella and toppings of your choice and bake! The result is truly amazing! Try it!

Tried out a great new recipe perfect for the kids. Chicken Alfredo with zucchini noodles! Just sautéed boneless chicken pieces with garlic and add cream and salt. Add some grated cheese to this and finish off with some fresh parsley! Use a spiraliser to make zucchini noodles and add to this mixture! For vegetarians you

One of the yummiest low fat recipes we’ve tried out! Avacado chicken salad sandwiches! Just mash up ripe avacados and add some yogurt to it! Add some lemon juice, salt, mustard paste and shredded, boiled chicken. Top it up on whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomatoes! These are to die for! Try them!

These look utterly delicious! So gonna try this! Instead of making regular quesadillas combine Italian cuisine with Mexican and add a mozzarella, basil and tomato filling! Could really work! If you try it send us a picture

Crispy zucchini made into a salad with hung garlic yogurt. Make a batter for the zucchini using rice flour, corn flour, water, salt and pepper! Fry zucchini till crisp. Layer the yogurt and serve! I sprinkled some store bought Zaatar for a middle eastern flavour! The zucchini can be used at an healthier option to

You can’t go wrong with this dessert! Diy chocolate lasagna will be a hit at your next party! Layer up a baking dish with crushed Oreos, melted cooking chocolate/ ganache, whipped cream, and chocolate chips! Throw in a layer of ice cream for dramatic effect! Scrumptious!

Tried out this new salad recipe yesterday and it turned out yum! Wanted to share! All you need to do is mix boiled chickpeas with chopped cucumber, avocado, feta and dill! Add some lemon juice and salt and voila!

  Made these yummy 3 layered Mexican dip shot glasses for a dinner party the other day! They’re easy to prepare, look great on the buffet table and are delicious too! You need to prepare sour cream , salsa and guacamole and layer them up in a glass! Add nacho chips and you’re good to

Thanks to our Mommly Follower for this yum recipe! She made Nutella French toast with strawberries for her kids! Just spread Nutella on bread before you dip it in eggs and milk mixture and then shallow fry! Add strawberries on the top if you want or else serve as it is! Yummy!