Kiddiegram’s Pampers Review

Kiddiegram’s Pampers Review

As a mum I completely trusted Pampers for my first child. For my second child, as my newborn grew into a toddler I heard about the Revolutionary New Launch from Pampers! They’ve introduced “The Next Gen Pampers Pants” With Three Absorbing Channels! They claim it absorbs 3 times faster and evenly distributes the baby’s pee making sure that the baby stays light and dry throughout the day and even overnight.

After trying them out for a good 10 days I decided to pen down my thoughts on this product. With growing toddlers the amount of pee tends to increase with a few odd accidents happening now and then. Either you find pee leaking out towards one side or the diaper fills up earlier than you anticipated. Must say no such accident occurred with Pampers Next Gen pants and we had one happy toddler on our hands. Be it long drives to our farmhouse or even extra long nap hours there was always room for more and no panic situations whatsoever. Not only are they much thinner than other brands available these days but also are also super absorbent. Even after long hours whenever I would change his diaper it would mostly be due to habit and not because he was uncomfortable in any way. I always noticed the inner surface was dry in spite of the baby having peed multiple times.

With other brands I’ve even experienced lines and dryness around the edges of my baby’s thighs but I noticed their lining around the edges for the Next Gen pants is extremely soft and didn’t leave any marks. Nor was he itchy and uncomfortable at any point of the day.
To sum up I’m one satisfied customer but more importantly my baby is happier and comfortable throughout the day and even through the night! So that’s a thumps up from my side for Pampers Baby dry pants- One from me-The worry free mother and two- from my happier and comfortable baby!



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