Softsens Range of Baby Bath Products – Kiddiegram’s Review

Softsens Range of Baby Bath Products – Kiddiegram’s Review

Like all types of products, choosing an ideal brand for your baby’s bath and pamper needs is not always easy. There’s a world of infinite choices ranging from the fancy, organic and not to mention expensive brands to the regular, locally manufactured ones easily available at your local chemist. We wish we could tell you there’s a sure shot foolproof method to choose one certain brand! However, it’s only from a personal experience that you get more insights into a product, its qualities, consistency, texture and finally its application and experience.

We were recently introduced to a new brand called Softsens. Developed by experts who call themselves “baby care enthusiasts” they claim to be inspired by us mums who in their opinion are the real experts (that’s true isn’t it?). This range of 100% safe and superior products for your baby consists of Massage Oil, Milk Bar, Baby Powder, Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, Baby Wipes, Baby Cream and Lotion. We got a chance to try out their entire range of products, and we will be sharing the experience with you in this post.


Firstly, we were highly impressed with the packaging. We have used other local products available in the market that come in very flimsy bottles or tubes. Many times, the lid breaks off easily or the bottle leaks easily (especially during travel). This was not the case with Softsens, which was a good first impression.

To start with, their Shampoo, is tear-free and mild enough for daily use. It left my son’s hair with a sweet-smelling scent that lingered for most of the morning. The shampoo is ideal for all hair types and has no color additives. A 200ml bottle costs Rs 165.

Their Body Wash is again tear-free so you don’t need to worry about washing your kid’s face. They’re infused with the goodness of Shea Butter and Natural Milk Cream to avoid dryness. The combination of Shea butter and Natural milk added to the thickness of the wash and rinsed off well. It could be used for all skin types but is more ideal for dry skin as it helps avoid rashes. It cost Rs. 150 for a for a 200 mlbottle.

Their cream and lotion both are Hypoallergenic and free of any harmful chemicals. It spreads well and left my sons skin soft with a pleasant scent. Both the cream & lotion will definitely help avoid dry and scaly skin texture that many newborns develop. They keep running several exciting weekly deals, offers and discounts on their website which is very cost effecive.

Coming to the wipes, we’re still using them and I must say, they smell amazing!
We would also like to point out that they have put their products through stringent and thorough tests using world-class science and technology. They also employ and partner with best-in-class specialists to develop their product. You can be assured that all ingredients used and all the products developed & launched are inspired by moms and backed by world-class scientific development and testing.


They also adhere to a strict “No Testing on Animals” rule. Being passionate animal lovers, they have a complete cruelty-free policy. None of our products will EVER be tested on animals. This is by far the strongest USP which helps us empathize with animals while choosing a brand for our kids. Kudos!
As mentioned, there are lots of options out there. What works for some doesn’t work for all, and in the end, the only thing that matters is that your little one is happy, clean and moisturized! We loved Softsens because all their products are made with love and care. It’s easy to shop their products online on their website

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