​Greetings Parents! Welcome to Kiddiegram, your one stop guide to all things related to kids! Parenting is hard and being mums ourselves we sympathise with you! Raising children today is a whole different ball game! Parents are competitive and want to make kids their top priority! Follow us so that we can help make this journey a bit easier and a lot more fun one step at a time!
When choosing a school for your child do you feel you’re always confused about which board of education is the ...
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More often than not I’m at a total loss when trying to figure out what gifts to give! Now thanks ...
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Clink on the Link to Vote for your Favourite! ...
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Snack time just got a whole lot more interesting with Slurrp Farm !! They’ve just launched their newest savoury and ...
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San Diego Zoo

#KiddiegramTravelDiaires Our recent trip to the @sandiegozoo was nothing short of one of the most fun, educational and fascinating days ...
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Talk And Teach

Talk and teach: Pique curiosity through conversation By Kavita Mehta and Namita Mehta As parents, we want the best for ...
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Mother’s Day Interview with Neelam Kothari Soni

This Mother’s Day we bring you an exclusive chat with a gorgeous Mum, Actress and Jewellery Designer, not to mention ...
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