Kids Choice Awards

Kids Choice Awards

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As a blogger we’re often invited to events in the city but never have I been in the company of so many prestigious famous personalities than at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards! And most importantly in the company of talented little kids backed by the kids around India who got to choose who the winners should be. Because no one other than Nickelodeon gives children a choice…and why not? They’re after all the future, aren’t they?

Speaking of the future the entire stage was decorated with an outer space theme and my 7 year old, who accompanied me, pointed out the Milky Way, planets, rocket ships and satellites. Her observational skills were put to good use even before the show started!

The event started out with the new sensation Kartik Aryan entering with a bang surrounded by all the Nickelodeon toons like Motu, Patlu, Dora The Explorer, Shiva, and many others. He made quite an entrance while doing the KCA shake to the melodious Nickelodeon theme song!

The show continued with a fabulous & highly entertaining performance by the Meet Brothers which got the entire audience dancing to their beats.

They even had new comer Aayush Sharma presenting an award and showing off his dancing skills with a small KCA shake move lead by Kartik Aryan.

Of course another highlight of the event was watching an outstanding performance by Alia Bhatt in a school uniform. This girl can pull off any look! The background was of a school classroom (which was totally relatable for the kids) and her dance was to “Bum Bum Bole”, a song which is highly recognised and loved by all kids. My 7 year old just couldn’t contain her excitement!

I must say Kartik Aryan made for a brilliant, funny and well spoken host and kept the Audience engaged throughout the event.

Must not forget Varun Dhawan who also appeared at the event and received an extremely loud welcoming cheer from the audience. He’s quite the star these days it seems!

The current queen of Bollywood and new bride, Deepika Padukone, walked in with grace and elegance and she too seemed to be an audience favorite. Kartik Aryan welcomed her on stage where she graced the audience by performing a kids poetry along with the KCA shake dance!

While all these performances definitely got us really excited, my favorite for the night has be to Sonakshi Sinha. With her on stage, first in a space suit got me and my kid ecstatic, her second appearance on stage with a dhol got the entire audience grooving to her beats!
The show overall was a entertaining, glamorous, lively, star studded, and very well organized and we hope you enjoy it’s telecast as much as we did on 6th January, at 6:30 PM only on Nickelodeon.
A huge thanks to Nickelodeon India for including Kiddiegram at this fabulous event. We hope to cover it every year if possible!


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