Women’s Day Interview With Deepshika Deshmukh

Women’s Day Interview With Deepshika Deshmukh

1-You’ve been known to be a young, dynamic film producer and a full time mom of 2 kids. These responsibilities themselves seem to be quite a handful! How did you decide to start Love Organically?

A: Thank you for your kind words, its passion that fuels every interest. I simply follow my heart and act instincly.
But it was the determination of a mother to help a child in distress. It was my son’s delicate skin that got me all caught up with skins care products and the lack natural ones available.
That was the start of my journey, to create products rooted in AYURVEDA, that are made with organic and naturally occurring ingredients ,guided by the wisdom of generations.
I wanted to create products that were suited for mums and kids alike, without any worry of damaging their delicate skin.
My vision was to do something that’s bigger that ourselves and be part of a movement where skin care goes beyond just feeling good, but also does good for us and mother earth.

2-Doesn’t it all become overwhelming? How do you juggle these multiple roles?

A: Let me start my simply admitting that trying to strike a balance between all aspects of Life is tough. Not impossible, but simply tough. Once you are a mother you are bestowed with this power that enables you to reach out and be there for your kids at any given point in time. They are my foremost priority, but i am on a path of learning to dedicate time to work and compartmentalise everything. so one does not affect the other.

3- Can you tell us why Moms should opt for natural, organic products as opposed to the regular kind available in the market?

A: Its great to be health conscious and think about what we are putting into our bodies. It does not stop at what we eat and drink.
Our skin is very absorbent, and when you use products such as body-wash’s, moisturizers, cleansers or oils the ingredients within these are getting absorbed into our bodies immediately.
Harsh chemicals, toxins, parabens, GMO’S are very destructive, where as natural products which are made with herbs, botanicals extracts and nut butters are specially formulated to nourish our bodies and do nothing but good to our skin.
Using natural and organic products, not only will you reap the benefits of a beautiful skin.
But you also end up helping and being kind to the environment and MOTHER EARTH.

4- One health tip that you swear by?

A: I prefer not putting too many chemicals onto my skin. And i wash my face as often as i can and keep myself hydrated throughout.

5- You once spoke to me about the secret benefits of Lavender! Could you share that with our followers too and also how to sleep train the babies?

A: The Heroic properties of this ancient healer go a long way in skin comfort and restful sleep. This naturally sweet scented and super ingredient has both, calming and antioxidant components that aid in relaxation and peace.
Our Snoozy lavender range uses pure essential oils of fresh lavender, fruit extracts and vitamin oils to make the perfect bedtime concoction.

6- What are your future plans for Love Organically?

A: I want all mothers to experience the goodness of natures purest and most effective ingredients packed into bottles of love organically. And want to make this pureness of nature available for everyone

7- Can you share some tips for Moms wanting to start up new ventures?

A: I strongly believe that if you set your eyes on something, and work towards that passionately, with immense dedication and not get discouraged by failure the rest just takes care of itself.
So to all the moms out there please believe in yourself and your dreams, because the same translates into everything you do.

8-As a working mom do you feel you have a good support system at home? Your husband, Parents etc, are they helpful with the kids when you can’t be there? How important is that for working moms?

A: Absolutely! To have a good support system to fall back on is extremely important. My husband Dhiraj is my biggest support system, he is there through all my moods. The good days, the bad and the super bad.
He is my confidante and more importantly, my voice of reason.
I am extremely lucky to have the most supportive mother in law- don’t know how i could ever be at peace at work without knowing “Aai’ is there at home looking after my kids

9-Can you sum up with one Parenting Tip for our followers?

A: Being a mum is an incredible journey, it changes the way we look, how we feel & who we are
And being a parent is hard too it challenges us mentally, physically, emotionally. There are days when you just about manage to fit in a shower amidst all the feeding and entertaining your children.
My only advice to all the parents out there would be- Please stay happy and don’t be too hard on yourselves- if you’re happy the children will be happy and that’s what really matters in the end.

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